I’m so sick of shit! I feel sick to my stomach and just sick of how things are going in my life. Granted my writing is going fairly well, that’s basically all that is going well. My marriage is the pits and I hate my job. I know I have the power to change all of these things, so why don’t I? I think it’s because I’m comfortable, that’s just who I am. I am told that because I’m a Scorpio that I’m a fixed sign. Which means it’s hard for me to change. Maybe that’s true, I really don’t know. I just want to be happy again, I feel like I lost myself along the way. When exactly did I lose it? I’m not sure, to be honest it seems like a long time. 

Going to the psychic maybe wasn’t the best thing for me. Yes I’m happy she told me I will be successful but telling me that my marriage is going to fail, maybe that wasn’t so great. Now I’m waiting for it, looking for it. I cause arguments that shouldn’t even happen. It got into my head and I can’t get it out. I’m trying to let it go but it’s there. I really can’t help it. She also said that I won’t be successful until he’s out of my life. So what does that mean, I have a choice? I have to either leave him and becomes successful or if I stay with him I won’t make it? That’s really difficult don’t you think? I mean who says that? I don’t know too much in my head. 

I’m praying and hoping for a phone call one day or an email telling me, “hey we love your work and we want to represent you.” That would be amazing and maybe that would put the spark back into my life. Here’s to praying and hoping!


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