I love them goals. The passion and the drive to go after them. I know everyday is a challenge to try and complete them but I will do it! My goal in life is to be successful. Whether that be in writing or something else I truly love. I think everyone should go for their goals, something they’ve always wanted. It could be something small or it could something huge.

I always wanted to travel the country. I never have but hoping I will someday. That is one goal I will strive to complete. Sell my house, buy an RV, grab my animals and travel. See all the places I’ve never been but always wanted to go. Doesn’t that sound amazing? I think so.

My ultimate goal is to be an accomplished writer. One day I’ll hope to be picked up by an agent but for right now I’ll settle for being an indie writer. I just love writing and putting my novels people’s hands. The feelings I get when I know that someone is reading my book is something I’ve never experienced. It makes me feel so good. Someone can be in a horrible mood and read one of my novels and instantly their mood changes. I love being the reason behind that.

Keep going after your goals and your dreams! You never know where they will lead you!


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